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We will work as you partner not just another customer

What do we mean when we say we work as the owner?
As life long business owners, Brenda and I have the experience and the excitement to help our customers in every way. This is something you can’t always find today. We do what it takes to get your business noticed. We have over 3,000 personal email contacts, over 5,000 friends on Facebook, twitter, Google + and more. When we take on a new project, it’s like it’s our business, not just another client. Let me explain, when we take on a new client we do what’s necessary to get all the loose ends (small stuff) completed. We just don’t build you a website or install your POS system and stop. We go the extra miles needed to insure your success. When you ask us to work for you, we work with you. When Power One takes on a new client, we make sure they are listed on Trip advisor
(restaurants only) and Facebook with all the links needed to make a complete site. We invite our friends and post to get others engaged, We add you to Google + and add your location to Google maps so your customers can find you. So in short, we don’t just build you a website or program your POS system and drop it off. We work with you every step of the way as if it was our business. This is our dedication. Michael and Brenda at Power One…..

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Power One IMC Solutions, Inc.

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Phone: (877) 264-1868